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Candle Colors and Their Properties

Candles. They have been used throughout time as a source of light, connection, and even making the mood a little saucy. Not to mention different candle colors have different energetic frequencies. Wait... roll that back, candles have energetic frequencies? Yes, they do. So let's get to it!

Red - Known for passion and love, red candles are great for bringing about romance, passion and drive. Red candles are also great for bringing together a broken relationship or past lover.

Orange - Orange candles aid in the growth of creative inspiration and confidence. Orange candles are perfect for bringing zest, excitement and creative ideas into your life.

Yellow - Similar to the sun, yellow candles can work well for removing depression, finding the joy and energy in life. Yellow candles are typically used in Magick spells that are centered around finding joy, reinvigorating your life as well as curating excitement.

Green - You guessed it right! Money, money, money. Green candles are amazing when it comes to any work involving attracting or manifesting money. Green is also useful when it comes to business, or fertility.

Blue - Blue candles are amazing for calming your life down and improving communication with yourself and others. More so, the calming and communication that can come from the use of blue candles curates clarity in any situation. Blue candles are definitely the go to when things get a little crazy.

Purple - Purple candles are great for anything involving spirituality and becoming connected with your divine self. Purple candles are also amazing for connecting with your intuition and opening your third eye.

White - White candles are the perfect 'substitute teacher' for any candles you would like to use. Just set your intention while lighting the candle and things will flow to you. White candles are also amazing for bringing in new opportunities, and cycles in life. If you want to bring anything to you, white candles are a great go to.

Black - Black candles often get a bad stigma, however, they can be some of the most useful candles you have. Black candles are great for protection from negative energy, people, and even spirits. Black candles are also great for banishing any limiting beliefs, toxic people, or circumstances from your life. If you are ready to make a change start using black candles to remove anything negative from your life.

Pink - Pink is also for love, however it is typically used for self love and care or nurturing love. Use pink candles when you are looking to improve your connection and care for self as well as grow from within.

So now that we have a better understanding of the candles energetic properties, let's discuss how we can use them. Lighting the candles with a simple wish of your intention is enough. There is no need to make a ceremony or perform a ritual - unless you want to.

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