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Electrolytes are the new coffee

My partner's mother, lets call her Mary, is extremely into herbalism, minerals, and holistic remedies. Rightfully so, after being misdiagnosed for a large copper intolerance for years she turned away from traditional western medicine, and began researching on her own. At first, it was a bit overwhelming to say the least. However, due to her most recent holistic revelation, I’ve been researching a lot of the things she introduces to me and it has changed the way I view herbalism and eastern medicine.

Now this isn’t to say that there isn’t value in eastern or western medicine, I think both have benefits in their own ways. Yet, there are tons of studies that aren’t frequently discussed that show undying proof of how we can heal our bodies on our own, just using what mother earth gave us. But, I digress.

The most recent craze of natural medicine Mary has brought our way is called “Suero Oral” or in english Oral Serum. Suero Oral is an electrolyte solution typically used to cure the symptoms of Diarrhea, Vomiting, Sweat, and the common cold by rehydrating the body - Essentially Pedialyte. (But to be honest, it’s much more pure due to its lack of additives and dyes.) Picked up from our local “Ghetto” Detroit vitamin shop, Suero Oral has been a life changer over the past weeks for my partner Lu and I. We started adding a shot of Suero Oral to one glass of water daily a few weeks ago, under Mary’s recommendation. Immediately, we felt energized, focused and our muscle tension, reduced along with my hormonal migraines.

To be honest, I am an intense coffee drinker. Like a Starbucks twice a day and an espresso at home right when I wake up kind of coffee drinker. You know the type? Yeah, thats me. So the fact that I was so energized just from adding an Electrolyte solution to my water seemed like a game changer to me.

After some time, I began to become curious as to why my body was so changed by adding Electrolytes to my water when most tap water, water filtration systems, and bottled waters claim to have a beneficial amount of Electrolytes. Needless to say, I plopped open my macbook and turned to google for the answer.

Upon my research I found that Electrolytes were essential to aiding your body in daily functions. These daily functions include regulating your blood pressure, helping your muscles contract and function properly, aiding your body in the transport of nutrients into and waste out of your cells, while assisting the body in muscle tissue repair. If all of those attributes weren’t enough it also helps balance the PH in your digestive system. After all, your body is run through the Central Nervous System of your brain through your Neural Column to your body through tiny electrical signals.

After putting two and two together, it just made sense that adding ELECTROlytes to your water would aid in increasing these functions from within. It just makes sense right?

However, this still didn’t explain to me why I was so energized. But once I started introducing Suero Oral to one water a day, my coffee intake has lessened. I didn’t need nearly the amount of coffee to feel more awake or alive. But i guess if Electrolytes are helping my body carry out many of its functions, I don’t need as much energy to get through the day. So, sorry coffee you are being replaced.

Electrolytes are the new coffee.


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