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Growing is Painful

How can we view change not as something to be fearful of or feel negatively about but as something as transformational and evolutionary? Change is transformation, growth and adaptation, and those three things are essential to our existence here in the universe.

We are ever changing--every single day our genetic makeup is constantly shifting as our bodies navigate a world of deadly diseases, bacteria, foods, beverages, and all the other substances that we consume and apply to our bodies.

It is said that our bodies are completely new every 365 days. Our cells are different each year. Think about that for a second.

We are not alone in this.

Everything around us is changing--the trees, the clouds, the oceans, the earth, the sun, the universe. It is all changing, every second of every day. Creation, and therefore humanity, is in a constant cycle of growth and flow. So why are humans so resistant and reluctant to it?

I think that our mindset towards change must shift towards a perspective of opportunity and growth--that as creations on Earth, our species is evolving and adapting which is exactly what we should desire as a creature of this highly complex organism on which we live.

Within our change, is our growth towards our highest potential of being.

Change always comes in ecstasy, and even though it does, it also comes in uncomfortability and challenge. Like the tension in our bodies, we require pressure and discomfort for the tension and pain to be released so that blood flow is stimulated and regulated.

So why not release the tension--let go of concrete and give way to




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