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The Science of Manifestation

The hot button topic among the spiritual community these days has been Manifestation. On instagram, YouTube, Facebook, even LinkedIn, we are constantly reading and hearing statements like ‘Manifest your dream life’ or ‘I’m manifesting money” etc. But what is manifestation anyway? Does it work? Why are people so obsessed with it? Well, i’ll tell you why, Manifestation is THE THING. If you aren’t already manifesting, you need to start. Whether you are actively manifesting or not, you are manifesting.

Let me explain. It all starts with the question of what can we control? Think about it for a second, what are the only things in life you can really control? Plain and simply put, the answer is your thoughts and actions. Everything in life from you, to your plants and even your table has an energetic magnetic field. As a result, everything emits a specific energy into the spaces you inhabit. That's exactly why when going to look at a new house or car you are going to buy, even if it’s aesthetically perfect, you have a gut response telling you if it is the right choice or not. It comes down to energy. So the same is true for you.

In 1948 Cleve Baxter, a scientist who helped develop the Polygraph (lie detector test) joined the C.I.A. Out of curiosity and a sleepless night, he was intrigued by a Dracaena plant. Baxter decided to conduct a polygraph test - connecting the sensors to its leaves - to see if it could respond to his words and energy. After several thoughts of watering the plant, neglecting the plant of water, etc. there was no response. However, after taking a few steps away and thinking about telling the plant he would set it on fire, the polygraph went crazy. The plant not only felt fear and anxiety around the response, but remarkably so, the plant could respond to our thoughts and intentions as symbolized through the Polygraph Test.

Now, if that was true about the plant, wouldn’t that be true about any other aspect of our lives? Manifestation is an event, object, or action that shows or embodies an intention. In spiritual terms, it’s the ability to create your desired reality and responses in life based upon your intentions, thoughts, and actions. Similar to the plant, we can connect to the world around us and bring about desired thoughts, realities and actions through our thoughts and intentions.

It has been scientifically proven that if you believe you can do something, you are more likely to achieve it solely based on the desire to put in the work to achieve that goal. However, when we sit down and turn these theories, hard work and energetic reactions into an equation, we get success. Simply put: hard work + energetic responses from the world around us = manifestation of our desired realities. Now that isn’t the only crazy thing about manifestation.

Once we reach a certain level of energy emitted from ourselves at a specific frequency - hence why you hear terms like ‘please don’t kill my vibe, or ‘i’m at a high/low vibration’- the world around us energetically responds to that frequency in order to continue coexisting peacefully. As a result, if you are putting out positive energy, knowing you will get the job, trusting that you will always have more than enough money, etc. the universe will match that energy in order to co-exist with you on an energetic level. However, if you are putting out negativity, coming from a place of fear or lack, guess what's coming to you? Negativity, fear, and lack of whatever it is you are seeking. So there's the catch.

Now this isn’t to say you should engage in toxic positivity and live in a place of denial. However, if every thought you put into the universe has an energetic match coming your way, how can you manifest your desires? Put simply, this is where faith comes into play. You have to trust that what you are putting out is coming. Our planet is a magnetic being and omits magnetic energetic fields that are ready to match you at any moment. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your manifestations will come to fruition immediately, but they will happen with consistency, and the hard work discussed in the equation above.

So if every thought we put out has an energetic intention, and will receive an energetic response, we are already manifesting our chosen realities without realising it. With that being the case, we might as well find our balance and flow of positive intentions, trusting that our desires are coming, and finding a place of centeredness and calm. Don’t the terms you receive what you put out and treat others the way you want to be treated make a little bit more sense now?

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