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Top 5 Spiritual Podcasts

Quarantine has really taken us on a ride over the past few months to say the least. We all have picked up new hobbies, interests and lifestyles. Over the past year, we have become very invested in spirituality and it all started with a podcast. So what a better way to share some great information with the community than sharing our top 5 Spiritual Podcasts.

Stay tuned for a bonus podcast!

#5 - On Being

With a lovely spiritual guru of our time Krista Tippet taking the lead, On Being is a great podcast for our more traditional spiritualist. With topics ranging from meditation and breathwork to the ties of spirituality and medicine - On Being has it all. The information is amazing and is perfect for anyone who isn't 'super spiritual' but wants to learn more about spirituality without diving in head first.

#4 - Roxy Talks Manifestation Podcast

This podcast is perfect for anyone interested in Manifestation, mindset, affirmations and meditations. Roxy is the perfect example of what 'modern day' spirituality looks like. With her charming personality and direct attitude, her podcasts are inspirational and charming while filling you with the knowledge you need to hear above what you want to know. This podcast is perfect for any spiritualist seeking something more modern, cute and fun.

#3 - Seeking Witchcraft

Lead by witch Ashley, Seeking Witchcraft is perfect for anyone who wants to dive more deeply into the mystical world of witchcraft. Seeking Witchcraft does an outstanding job paying homage to the origins of many practices and explains many different aspects of Magick and how it is practiced. From the basics of home cleansing and skrying to covens and moon rituals Seeking Witchcraft is an easy to understand and great way to dive head first into the Magickal world of Witchcraft.

#2 - Cosmic Body

Cosmic Body Podcast is great for our more seasoned spiritualists. Discussing more heavy concepts such as starseeds, aliens, and reincarnation cycles, Cosmic Body by Danielle Page (who happens to be an expert astrologist) is perfect for anyone wanting to gain a more in depth understanding of more complex spiritual ideologies and practices.

#1 - Spiritual Shit

Spiritual Shit is the end all be all of spiritual podcasts. Perfect and extremely accessible for both beginner and seasoned spiritualists. With the occasional guest speaker as well as covering all things spirituality - even dating- Spiritual Shit has a modern day quirky and fun flair diving into all concepts surrounding spiritual growth, manifestation, witchcraft, POC representation in the spiritual community and more.

Our Bonus Podcast:

Brax Will Let You Know

Our close friend Braxton recently started a YouTube Channel discussing the topics of Mindfulness, Meditation and Religion. This is perfect for anyone who wants to gain more knowledge on spirituality and wellness as well as learn and evolve their mind, body, and spirit.

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