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We Define Love

It all started in late 2019, I received a phone call from my beloved friend Jacob Barnes upset and frustrated. After some inquiry I began to realise, his relationship wasn’t going to work out. He was sad, but knew he wasn’t in the place to be a good partner or friend to anyone if he couldn’t learn who he was, what it meant to be human and how to love himself properly first.

A few months went by, and our usual weekly chat was right on schedule when my phone rang again. Jacob was writing… A LOT. Poetry, short stories, anything that flew out of him he wrote. Post it notes were everywhere, journals, documents on google drive, and the idea suddenly came to him: “ I think i’m going to write a book”. It made sense, he had so much material, why not turn it into a beautiful collection of poetry.

Throughout the creative process I remember discussing this narrative, the journey of the bath and how it had been healing and meditative for him. I too have always felt this magic, loving healing power from water. The way it can hold you and provide you comfort, mask your tears and somehow take a devastating moment and make it all okay.

This idea of the bath being a nurturing, comforting energy was something we couldn't ignore. We recognized the lack of that same nurturing compassion throughout daily life and were curious as to why there were so few spaces that curated the same feeling of comfort.

We felt it was necessary to continue on our personal journeys to spreading love, compassion and empathy to those around us. As a result, we began to talk about the idea of a community. Not just a place where we could share our experiences, but a space where all feel comfortable to band together, ask questions, and receive unconditional support from like-minded individuals.

Thus, We Define Love was born. Above all else, we hope this space can be a place where you feel safe to step into the most genuine form of you. There is no judgement, hierarchy or tension here. Only a space where we spread love, give love and above all else define what love should really look like in our chaotic world.

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