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What is TubLove?

I fill the tub with warm water, add salts, oils, fruits, and herbs. Turn off the lights, light candles and play ambient relaxation music. I submerge into the water up to my nose. I feel the water against my skin and smile from the warm embrace around my entire body. I soak in the lavender, eucalyptus citrus as they permeate through the layers of my skin. What a vessel this body is, what powers it possesses. I am floating in my love as my heart beats, sending ripples across the surface. Bliss.

My mind, untethered to the anchors of the realities of this world, joins in harmonious reunion with my soul and body as they vibrate in liquified air. Sunk at the bottom I cry and cry until the water overflows onto the tile floor. It feels so good to feel the tension and heaviness filter out of essence. What magic lie in this place. Within the water. WIthin me. Milky now and no longer steaming, I pull up on the tub stop. Gravity pulls the water down the drains past my chest, legs, and feet. I am not the same human I was at fill nor will I be at drain.

This is healing

This is water

This is transformation

This is you, me, humanity

This is TubLove

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